Thass Murdon

Old Session 1

“Welcome aboard the S.S. Albatross! Finest luxury aircraft the Empire has to offer. We trust that you will enjoy your brief four hour flight to the great city of Thass Murdon! Take some time to relax, enjoy the pleasant view, and maybe help yourself to a drink from the complementary on-flight bar. As always, may the Light be with you, and long live the Empire! Have a nice day!”
The voice over the intercom is cheerful, friendly, and pretty clearly automated. The main cabin of the ship is packed with people, cramped for space and the air is thick and hot. The bar was closed when you got on, and it looks like they didn’t even bother to stock it for the flight. An attendent is shouting over the general murmer of the crowd, trying to maintain order and give directions to the passengers, but it’s too loud to hear her from where you’re standing. To top it off, its raining heavily outside, and you can’t see the ground at all.The next four hours are going to be a hell of a long flight.
You’ve seen the silver tickets on a few of the other passengers, same as yours. The telegram read simply, “You have spent your whole life looking for something. We may have just found it. Come to Thass Murdon for adventure, riches, and an answer to all your questions.” signed by one Archibald Cornelius III, a name you are only vaguely familiar with. The telegram was just convincing enough to get you aboard this stuffy blimp, and you might be starting to regret the decision.
Each player receives a cryptic invitation to Thass Murdon, an old decaying metropolis near the borders of the Empire of the Sun and the Alderian Conclave. The campaign begins with each in the main room of a transport class Empire airship traveling through a storm on the way to the city.
The floor of the main cabin area is largely segregated. Various characters of differing appearances mixed with a large assortment of noble and high-class rich folk take up most of the center of the room and a few of the private rooms off to the side. Most of the richer passengers have brought their own alcoholic beverages, and many have become quite loud and disruptive in their drunken state, adding to the general disarray of the area. Two Sun Empire guards are posted at each of the main entrances to the main room, one entrance into the Captain’s quarter which is currently closed and another which leads to the rest of the airship.
You spot the distinctive elven ears and crest of Alderians, separated from the main group conversing quietly among themselves in a booth in the corner.
You also spot a group of adventurers cloaked in the telltale colors of the Greenwood Navigators. The group is seated in one of the private cabins with the door open, and appear to be talking with another individual whose clothing and faction do not recognize.
About twenty minutes pass waiting when the door to the Captain’s quarter slides open. A small woman, roughly 30 years of age, clears her throat momentarily then announces in a somewhat soft voice, “Excuse me, would any and all standing military personnel of the Empire please follow me? A few details concerning the departure route require your attention.” The guards stationed at the doors to the room, as well as a few random individuals from the crowd of nobles. The group follows the small woman back to the Captain’s quarter, which then slides closed with a click. One guard is assigned to stand in front of the door and monitor the room.
Branden eavesdrops standing next to the door and overhears the conversation of the commander and captain.
Commander – “Do you intend for us to die out here, captain?! Is that your plan?”
Captain – “Look Derek, no one could have anticipated this happening. What with the storm brewing outside and the weather interfering with the navigational aparatus it’s no surprise we managed to get a little off course.”
Commander – "A LITTLE?! Why dont you try telling “We got a little off course” to them! "
The Commander points to the radar which shows a large blinking dot following the ship. The Alderian interceptor currently bearing down on us? “Oh sorry for flying over your airspace, please don’t kill us and burn our bodies…” The commander sighs. “We’re going to have to surrender control of the ship. There’s too many innocents on board for conflict.”
Captain – “That may not be possible commander, The same storm that’s been knocking our navigation out of whack is also preventing outward transmissions, we’d have no real way of communicating with the other ship.”
Commander – “Damnit captian, do you have any good news to tell me?” The commander pauses for a moment to think. “They’d have no reason to attack us outright, right? Civilian ships pass across this airspace all the time. At the very worst, they’ll board the ship and we’ll have to explain our little misunderstanding, no hard feelings, right?”
Captian – “With any other ship, certainly. But the S.S.Albatross is a repurposed Empire war ship. The weapon chambers were replaced years ago, but visually the ship looks identical to any other Empire warship. The alderians might suspect an attack at the homeland and strike out first.”
Commander – “By the light, so we don’t even have any weapons in this bucket? What would you have me do, captain?”
The argument is cut off by the sound of a large explosion (Everyone makes a DC 18 reflex save)
Commander – “WE’VE BEEN HIT?! What is going on?!”
Captain – “Scanners indicate no sign of a projectile, whatever just did that came from inside the ship sir…”
The windows of the main room burst inward and cloaked elven hijackers crash through into the main booths, where they begin to throw firebombs into the crowd of nobles. The party manages to fight them off when the ship’s captain enters the main room furious, and ascends to the deck of the airship with the help of the party to drive the hijackers away, which they successfully accomplish.
Arriving back into the main room, the captain asks the steward of the ship to hand him a list of passengers aboard the plane, and surveys down the list till he sees a name and visibly pales. He mutters “Natalie…” then runs through the main room to the back cabins. Around the same time, the radio for the ship blares on and a voice is heard shouting, “Communication is back up but I don’t know how long we’re going to hold here!” and a maintenance hatch to the engine room opens from a corner of the main room with an engineer stating the engines are overheating and might explode if they take another hit. Branden chooses to follow the captain while the rest of the party goes to stabilize the engines. Branden and the ship captain successfully prevent the hijackers from kidnapping a girl named Natalie and the rest of the party successfully reclaims the engines and protects the engineers from Alderian clockwork jaguars while they repair the system. The rest of the party ascends from a hole pried open by one of the jaguars into the cabins above and meets back up with Branden where they are met with the main brute force of the hijacking attackers against the remaining Empire Guards, and behind them an Alderian Warship descending upon them. The attackers fire a missile towards the ship but the missile is shot down with a large bolt of electricity from an unknown figure in the storm, who then proceeds to shoot down the hijackers before driving away the battleship.
The storm begins to lighten up just as the party arrives overlooking the city of Thass Murdon. Massive, towering buildings ascend out of a cover of smoke and cloud. The party is instructed by an Empire Guard to be on the back deck of the airship to hear the captain debrief the situation. When they arrive, the Captain has them arrested for suspected Treason against the Empire and has them locked in the airship maintenance cell till the ship lands, but Natalie frees the party and pardons them for the captain’s accusations. She gives the party an amulet which she explains works as a receiver, and that should the party require her help, they can activate the amulet to reach her.
The session ends with the SS Albatross landing in the repair dock of Thass Murdon.


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