World Locations

A general overview and some basic information on the places in the campaign. This obviously won’t cover every single location, but should be relevant info of the lands the campaign is set in. All info is general knowledge, and a lot of it is intentionally vague, both cause I’m leaving room for growth and your characters aren’t probably going to have much general knowledge about these places. If you want to invent your own location or modify an existing location to build character backstory, go ahead and do so, it can only add to the campaign. Same rules as factions apply for adding stuff, just ask first.

Generally Very Important Places:

Thass Murdon

The Beacon of Light

Remains of the World Tree


Places of Note in the Empire of the Sun:

The Clockwork Fields

Dead Man’s Overhang

Bloodbath Gulch

Doro Desert

Great Doro Oasis

Grey Goose Forest

Turik Point

Morezo Peak

Crest Peak

Majesty’s Plains

Alpha Point

Black Wolf Hollow

Gilded Fields

Jhiora Desert

Talik Maraze

Places of Note in the Alderian Conclave:

North Star

The Black Swamp

Talehollow Thicket


Red Field Warzone

Jhiora Highland Warzone

World Locations

Thass Murdon AlexJensen