Hey! Welcome to the webpage for the D&D campaign I’ve been throwing together. We’re currently just getting started again running a custom Steampunk creation in Gestalt Pathfinder/3.5. This website is mostly just a place to store campaign information, keep a log of characters encountered and items gathered. The campaign takes place almost entirely within the steampunk city of Thass Murdon, so expect a lot of urban exploration and dealing with factions, as well as some crazy mechanical shit.

There’s a competition going on, and adventurers from around the entire world are arriving in the city to take part. All is not fun and games, however, as the city sits on an island off the coast of two great nations at war: The Empire of the Sun and the Alderian Conclave. Magic in this world is a dying art. The Empire sees it as an archaic relic of the past that needs to be moved aside to make way for the future, where the Alderians cherish and protect the small bits of magic that are left, trying to return magic to the world. Overseeing the battle is the Clinkbot guild, which seeks to use the conflict as a way to generate profit, selling increasingly powerful weaponry to both sides of the fight.

Thass Murdon

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