Alderian Conclave


Members of a long forgotten world, the Alderian Conclave seek to return magic to the world. Made up primarily of Elven descent with a few scattering of Fey, Otherfolk, and Human sympathizers, the Alderian Conclave exists to find a peace and harmony with the world. The Alderian Conclave also has the world’s largest reserve of Magicks, stored in huge glass containers underneath nearly all of their major cities. Alderians consider themselves masters of stealth and espionage, but are generally outmatched in face-to-face combat. The Conclave’s capitol city is located in the burnt out shell of the World Tree, a massive redwood tree which was destroyed in the conflicts between the Alderian Conclave and the Empire of the Sun.

Being a citizen of the Alderian Conclave

Most Alderians are born in the continent, with few travelers passing through to reach the outer surrounding area. Largely populated by Elves, the faction also houses Otherkin and other minor races, as well as a small number of Humans.

Alderian Conclave

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